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In Warhammer Underworlds, each player builds their Warband and pits them against their rivals in battles. Victory is measured in Glory, for only the player whos warriors have achieved the most objectives and vanquished the most foes will be crowned champion. A single box set offers 2 players the chance to battle for control, adding a second core set allows for an additional 2 players to join in the desperate struggle. Multi-player games open up opportunities for makeshift allegiances to be forged (and broken) for deception, just as domination, is a key part of any war.

The Wurmspat are a disgusting yet deadly warband of Nurgle Rotbringers who are set on reversing the Katophrane Curse as they see it as the cause of the Nurgle's endless cycle of death and rebirth. This warband, brought into Beastgrave by a colossal Wyrmaggot, will stop at nothing to break this curse and will spread as much filth as possible to get it done.

The Warhammer Underworlds: The Wurmspat set contains;

1x Fecula Flyblown Miniature

1x Sepsimus the Plaguesworn

1x Ghulgoch the Butcher

3x Fighter Cards

60x Objective, Upgrade and Ploy Cards

12x Objectives for The Wurmspat

10x Upgrades for The Wurmspat

10x Ploys for The Wurmspat

9x Universal Objectives

9x Universal Upgrades

9x Universal Ploys and Spells


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