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Star Wars Armada: Liberty Expansion Pack

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Within this expansion pack you will find one highly detailed plastic, pre-painted Rebel Liberty ship from Fantasy Flight Games for use in games of Star Wars Armada.


This pack contains

Liberty miniature

A  large base

Two Ship Cards

Fourteen upgrades, including a new commander and three unique Titles.

One rules reference card

And all necessary components needed to play with this expansion. 

The MC80 Liberty type Star Cruiser is the spearhead of the Rebel Alliance’s fleet, and it boasts some of the heaviest firepower in the Rebel arsenal. Its impressive firepower and powerful forward shielding, demand that it is often among the first ships considered to lead Rebel strike forces into combat.

This ship is part of the Star Wars Armada Wave IV set and is your chance to harness the power of gravity well projectors, grav shift reroutes, massive forward-facing guns, and other powerful, new technologies. You can use the ships in wave IV to set traps for your opponents and engage the enemy on new terms. Amplify the strategic importance of your objectives and alter the very shape of the battlefield.


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