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War Zone Charadon: Act 2: The Book of Fire - English

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War Zone Charadon: Act 2: The Book of Fire is the second book in the War Zone Charadon series from Games Workshop, in book 1 you saw Typhus invade the sector and bring it down to it knee's, in this book you will learn the conclusion of that mighty battle. The Death Guard march on, getting closer and closer to a victory over Metalica, this would be disastrous for the future of the Imperium's future war efforts across the Segmentum. Whilst this battle rages on a shadowy force of malevolence has been taking full advantage of the chaos and disarray to enact a scheme millennia in the making.


Inside this 120-page hardback book, you'll find:

Riveting background that sees the fighting in the Charadon Sector continue to intensify. Discover how the unexpected arrival of the First Daemon Prince, Be'lakor, threatened the last great Imperial bastion that had yet to succumb to the fighting - the Knight World of Kolossi.

An in-depth campaign system you can use to join the wars for Kolossi and the Metalican front.

A wealth of Crusade campaign content, including unique relics and advancements for your units to reflect your Crusade force's participation in this sprawling war.

Daemons of Chaos: An updated datasheet for Be'lakor, the First Daemon Prince

Adepta Sororitas: A codex supplement for the Order of Our Martyred Lady

Chaos Space Marines: An appendix of rules for seven Traitor Legions and six Renegade Chapters

Armies of Renown: Rules and matched play content for fielding themed forces that provide a whole new way of mustering a Warhammer 40,000 collection, including a Skitarii Veteran Cohort and the Disciples of Be'lakor

Additional content, including three new Legendary Missions, enabling you to refight iconic missions that are key to the narrative.

This hardback book also comes with a black 1/4" ribbon marker.


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