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Vanguard: Hedonites of Slaanesh

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Slaanesh is the Prince of Pleasure and the Princess of Pain. He is a Hedonistic god of hidden pleasures and forbidden vices. His followers are addicted to sensations in their most extreme and debased form. They can never be satisfied, they must forever push the tolerances of their senses to the extreme.

Slaanesh has been missing in the Mortal Realms since the great triumph of Chaos following the Age of Myth. After gorging himself on the souls of the vanquished, Slaanesh fell into a deep slumber and was captured by the Aelven deities. His followers relentlessly hunted for him, to free him and bask in his incomparable beauty once more.

Now Slaanesh has been set free once again, his legions have emerged from the warp in search of the ultimate depravity!

Believing themselves to be the greatest swordman in the world has caught the gaze of the Lord of Pleasure. They even allow others to attack them first due to their pride.

Fast lightning attacks and a thousand arrows to match Slaanesh followers are propelled into battle with the lust of battle and the favour of their dark god.


20x Miniatures
3x Slaangor Fiendbloods
5x Slickblade Seekers (can also be built as Blissbarb Seekers)
10x BLissbarb Archers
1x Homonculus Lackey
1x Slaanesh Shardspeaker


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