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The Dwarf Giants Blood Bowl Team

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Blood Bowl is the original game of fantasy football in which players participate in hyper-violent matches, to win each team must try to score more touchdowns than their opponent. However, most players are more focused on bludgeoning their rivals in any way they can in order to incapacitate, maim or even kill them! After all if a player happens to break their neck, there is one less player standing in the way of victory.

Dwarves are a stubborn and stalwart race, favouring a slow solid advance over a fast uncontrolled rush. This is true even when it comes to Blood Bowl. Many Dwarf teams believe a good defence is the best offence, commonly forming an unshakable wall of muscle. While each Dwarf has a natural ability to withstand the strongest of blows while returning them in kind, each has a certain role to play in aid of their team’s success. Dwarf Linemen form the core of the team, trained to black the most agile opponent. Troll Slayers pick out the largest foe, undaunted by their size, and normally come out on top. Runners are the fastest players on the team, well fast by Dwarf standards, are responsible for getting the ball in the end zone. Blitzers are like homing rockets, they locate the ball carrier and take them down hard in order to get the ball to a Runner.

This Multi-part plastic kit contains 12 miniatures.

2 Troll Slayers, with alternative heads

2 Blitzers, with alternative heads

2 Runners

6 Linemen

3 Dwarf balls

A double-sided score coin

A turn counter

A decal sheet

An 'out of the box' 1,000,000 gp team roster


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