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The Accursed (Paperback)

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Do you love Warhammer and hate getting a good night's sleep without the promise of nightmares? These 12 stories will batter your psyche with some of the most chilling places, people, and creatures in the Mortal Realms and the 41st Millennium.



Nightbleed by Peter Fehervari

The Terminus by David Annandale

The Reaper's Gift by Ray Cluley

The Cache by James Brogden

Skull Throne by Jake Ozga

The Child Foretold by Nicholas Kaufmann

Tithemarked by Steven Sheil

Imperator Gladio by Richard Strachan

A Moment of Cruelty by Phil Kelly

The Way of All Flesh by Jude Reid

Elloth IX by Justin D Hill

The Bloody Kiss by Darius Hinks


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