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Tau Empire XV8 Crisis Battlesuits

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XV8 Crisis Battlesuits are awarded to those warriors which show particular aptitude among the ranks of the Fire Warriors and only then may they join the ranks of the Shas’ui. XV8 squadrons are used as the general combat Battlesuits of any Tau Strikeforce, and can be armed with an array of weapon loadouts and combat support systems, making them one of the most flexible units in the Tau arsenal.

Given armoured battlesuits to not only protect them but allow them to carry and use multiple weapon systems to combat all kinds of enemies from infantry, monsters to tanks. The suits also provide enhance sensors and abilities to increase their speed and strength so they can leap in to the fray of war with ease on their repulsor jets and crush their opponents beneath their massive bulk. Particularly experienced of able XV8 pilots may be inducted into the ranks of their Commander’s elite bodyguard and upgraded with further combat support systems to provide to increase their destructive firepower. Each battle suit can be aided by a set of drones equipped as either gun, shield or markers capabilities.   

This Boxed Set contains 9 plastic miniatures of 3 Crisis Battlesuits with a variety of weapon options and 6 drones.


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