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Sylvaneth Alarielle The Everqueen

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This box set contains multi-part plastic components to make one Alarielle The Everqueen on Wardroth Beetle for the Sylvaneth faction for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

One of the best and most detailed kits Games Workshop has produced, the goddess Alarielle rides to battle out on a colossal wardroth beetle. An awesome centrepiece kit to lead your Sylvaneth forces in games of Age of Sigmar or to just add to your collection.

When playing Age of Sigmar, she is one of the most powerful heroes in the game. From the living ram that is the wardroth beetle, that could crush infantry beneath its rock hard shell or impale other monsters on its razor sharp head spines. To the immense power of her life magic, she is more than a match for Nagash and Archaon and can help tip the balance in favour for the forces of Order.  

Alarielle the Everqueen was once one of rulers of Ulthuan and most beautiful woman on the World that once was. Becoming the Incarnate of Life, she survived the End Times and ascended into a deity. She became a distant member of Sigmar's Great Alliance, staying away as she pined for the lost world, her only desire, to tend to her people and the creatures of the Realm of Life. She stayed from returning to the Celestial Vault due to the endless bickering of war. But now she and the creatures of the Sylvaneth re-join the battle to finally rid the Mortal Realms of the taint of Chaos and crush their foes beneath the stampede and destruction of the forests. 


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