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Start Collecting Greywater Fastness

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Dwarfs respect age above all things, even wealth. A Dwarf who lives long enough will have grown an incredibly long beard that he will need to tuck into his belt to prevent treading on it whilst walking. These Longbeards gather together on the battlefield to form units of their own where they grumble about impetuous and disrespectful Beardlings and complain that things are not as good as they used to be. Woe betides any who mistake their age for frailty as the older a Dwarf gets the tougher he becomes and Longbeards are as old as they come.

This Start Collecting! Greywater Fastness box set is a fantastic starter box set, containing enough miniatures to get a new army started and also works as the perfect addition to an existing collection.

The Start Collecting! Greywater Fastness box set contains:

  • 1x Gyrobomber
  • 10x Ironbreakers
  • 1x Cogsmith
  • 1x Warden King
  • 1x 50mm Round Base with Flying Stem
  • 11x 25mm Round Bases
  • 1x 32mm Round Base


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