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Space Marines Primaris Hellblasters

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Space Marines Primaris Hellblasters are Plasma Specialists, each member of the squad can be equipped with a deadly Plasma Incinerator. A rapid firing weapon capable of laying down multiple shots in quick succession, as well as being able to emit a Supercharged blast of plasma. This is, however, a dangerous weapon to carry, for even with the advanced technology the Primaris Marines possess there is a chance that the Plasma Incinerator will explode when firing a supercharged shot, instantly slaying the bearer in a ball of molten hot plasma. 

Each Primaris Hellblasters squad can be equipped with a variety of different weapon options. The kit has been sculpted with no Chapter iconography on the miniature, allowing it to be painted to match your own Chapter.

This box set contains;

10x Space Marines Primaris Hellblasters

10x Citadel Bases


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