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Shadowsun: The Patient Hunter (Hardback)

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Commander Shadowsun is an ice-cold military genius – but will her patient stratagems be enough to protect all she holds dear from the Death Guard's infectious touch?

See an iconic t'au hero tested like never before, as she strives to confront a horrifying Legion empowered by eldritch forces beyond her logical understanding.

Commander O’Shaserra, better known as Shadowsun, is an ice-cold military genius celebrated across the Chalnath Expanse. She is the master of the stealth battlesuit assault and the Kauyon metastrategy – a philosophy of war that emulates the Patient Hunter. But how to lay a trap for the Chaos-worshipping warriors of the Death Guard, whose ancient technology allows their fleet to rip holes in space? And how to deal with their daemonic patrons, who defy the laws of physics and shatter the logical methods that Shadowsun holds so dear?

With her forces spread far and wide on the dark side of the Great Rift, Shadowsun must respond to a surprise attack on the Startide Nexus wormhole portal. Worse yet, as hidden atrocities and treacheries are laid bare, the threat of civil war simmers between the t'au and their allies.

If she is to stand a chance, the t'au's finest commander will have to improvise, trust to instinct, and face the unnatural echoes of her empire's own dark secrets.

Written by Phil Kelly


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