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Psychic Awakening: Pariah - English

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The final release in the Psychic Awakening series.

Pariah explores the gruesome details of the Pariah Nexus battles with humanity and with the included missions you can recreate some of the key battles that wrote the history of this war. As the last book in the series, this is an excellent book for gamers and collectors alike, a perfect bookend to the Psychic Awakening series.

This 80-page hardback Psychic Awakening: Pariah book includes;

Riveting background that reveals the audacious plan being enacted by the Necrons in the Pariah Nexus

Missions that allow you to recreate some of the most pivotal battles that took place when Battle Group Kallides moved to combat the strange goings on in this mysteriously silenced region of space

Full rules supplement for armies of the Inquisition – including datasheets for Inquisitors Greyfax, Coteaz, Karamazov and Eisenhorn

9 sets of Theatres of War rules including the following environments:

The Webway

War-torn Shrine Worlds

Devoured Worlds

Daemon Worlds

Hive Worlds

Forge Worlds

Perilous Jungles

Derelict Worlds

Necron Tomb Worlds

Datasheets for:

Illuminor Szeras

Kyganil of the Bloody Tears

The Daemonifuge, Ephrael Stern


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