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The Ossiarch Bonereapers are the vision for the future in the Mortal Realms for Nagash, he believes the act of harvesting one's soul and giving them a new bone-forged body is the best way to build an army. And it seems he is not wrong. Each deadly Ossiarch Bonereaper has lifetimes upon lifetimes of battle experience to look back on and use in the battlefield, thanks to the collection of souls trapped in the bone-tithe. This is an army that just refuses to die, they are tough, like really, really, really tough and as well as being near impossible to kill they are immune to battleshock tests so there is no chance of them getting run off the table with a bad dice roll. Possibly the best part of playing the Ossiarch Bonereapers army is that you can include both Arkhan and Nagash, not as allies but as fully-fledged commanders!

With this army you will be completely unstoppable in Nagash's quest to claim every last soul in the Mortal Realms for his own.

The Mortisan Soulmason is a wizard that can cast and unbind 2 spells a turn. He can make friendly units more likely to hit the enemy.

The multi-part, plastic kit contains;

1x Mortisan Soulmason


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