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Ork Meganobz

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Every Nob needs protection, and there is no finer armour available to an Ork than Mega Armour!  All subtlety is lost, however, at the Meganobz stomp across the battlefield to the sound of hissing pistons and deafening Dakka.  Nobz are the toughest, meanest and Orkiest Orks in the clan and it is their privilege to wear such armour making them a valuable asset to their Boss.  The Big Meks are famous for their natural ability to bash things until they work and therefore get the best toys, like the tellyport blasta and the kustom forcefield.

Contains three multi-part plastic Meganobz, one of whick is a Big Mek, and one Grot Oiler. Models are supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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