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Ork Battlewagon

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An Ork Battlewagon is a massive transport, thrown together from the wreckages of the countless battles they have fought to create their own tracked, smoke belching, mobile fortress.

Capable to transporting up to 20 Orks, the Ork Battle Wagon has a front Armour Value of 14, making it incredibly tough to kill while deliverying loads of troops into the thickest of the fighting.

You can also pay the extra points to give it a Kannon, Armoured Roof, Bolt-On Big Shootas, Grabba and a wealth of other bits, including Ork Crew that come with the kit. An awesome model for any Ork army, which is why so many Ork players tend to take 4 of them!

Contains 1 plastic Ork Battlewagon.


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