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Necrons Chronomancer

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Necrons are a race of mechanical warriors, created from now long-extinct Necrontyr race. For Millions of Years, the Necrons have laid dormant in their stasis-tombs, hidden away from the rest of the Galaxy upon Tomb-Worlds. They are ancient beyond reckoning, pre-dating even the Eldar. After Eons asleep this ancient mechanical race is beginning to awaken, seeking to re-establish the supremacy of the Necron Dynasties over the Galaxy once more.

In appearance, the Necrons are skeletal parodies of living beings with swirling green energies emanating from their mechanical limbs and baleful lifeless emerald eyes. Necrons have a remarkable ability to repair themselves. All of their race possess sophisticated auto-repair systems throughout their exo-skeletal systems that can repair even the most crippling of damages. This gives the Necrons incredible staying power in a battle, which makes them an enemy dreaded by all races.

In combat, the Necrons are unyielding war machines bringing swift death to their foe. Necrons harness technologies that are a mystery to all other races, most commonly they are armed with complex Gauss weaponry that strips an opponent's molecules one layer at a time, giving them some of the most fearsome firepower in the Galaxy.

Necrons will not rest until their Dynasties rule the Galaxy once more!



1x Necrons Chronomancer

1x Citadel 40mm Round Base


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