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Necron Overlord

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Fuelled with hatred and rage against all alien races that have taken all that was once their, This Necron Overlord stands as a fearsome imposing visage. Awoken from centuries of slumber, he commands legions of undying, soulless mechanical warriors to reclaim the worlds he used to rule. Clutching both his war scythe, a hideous blade that has killed thousands with a single strike and a resurrection orb to raise any fallen warrior back in to the fight, he also has built in enhanced armour moulded directly in to his spine for added strength and protection. Finished off with a segmented metal cape and a golden crown marking him as a Phaeron of the Necron dynastic hierarchy, this ruler of Necrons is a back to destroy all who stand in his way.

The Necrons are an ancient force who once ruled the galaxy, masters of technology with a thirst for conquest - they waged war upon all who dared to oppose them. War on such a huge scale left the galaxy ravaged, and the Necrons went into a state of recovery - lying dormant for millennia in their Stasis-Crypts. Since this time, other races within the galaxy have developed - not knowing that such a powerful force lies in slumber just beneath their feet... until not, for the time of the great awakening is upon us - the Necrons are rising.

This clam pack contains one highly detailed, plastic Necron Overlord miniature. It is great out of the kit or allows for a brilliant conversion project with other Necron sets. A great addition to any Necron army collection.


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