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Necromunda: Zone Mortalis: Underhive Market

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Getting the essentials from the market is a part of life for each denizen of the underhive, unless the Palanite Enforcers and Gangers aren't battling eachother in the middle of it. This set contains everything you need to create the Underhive Market. Additionally, it works with Zone Mortalis terrain, so you can add artisanal Wild Snake pop-ups to your existing battlefields.



45x Scenery Pieces

2x Large Market Stalls

2x Small Market Stalls

2x Horologium

2x Gun Racks

2x Large Storage Caskets

2x Power Units

4x Plasma Flasks

2x Lockboxes

2x Buckets

4x Signs

6x Mugs

2x Mung Vases

2x Coin Piles 


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