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Necromunda: Palanite Enforcer Patrol

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The factories on Necromunda run deep beneath the planet's surface, these lower levels are referred to as the Underhive. Littered with a network of interlocking corridors and passageway the Underhive forms a maze of walkways and sheer drops into bottomless caverns. A dangerous place to live that is rife with crime and violence, the Underhive is controlled by Multiple Clan Houses Or "Gangs". The chances of survival are greatly increased by joining one of the many gangs, that inhabit all Hive Worlds.

There are six pre-eminent Clan Houses: House Cawdor, House Escher, House Goliath, House Van Saar, House Orlock, and House Delaque. Many lesser clans exist but none are as significant as these six. Many lesser clans pledge their loyalty to a House, but others might be outcasts or upstarts. Each of the Clan Houses controls countless subservient gangs with their fighters serving as the disposable foot soldiers in the endless Gangwars fought in the darkness over supplies, resources, and territory. This fighting beneath the surface allows the Clan Houses to continue business with one another with a semblance of civility in the spires above.

The iconic Games Workshop game has returned!


The Necromunda: Palanite Enforcer Patrol set contains;

10x Multipart plastic Palanite Enforcers

Weapons and head options:

6x Enforcer Shotguns

6x Enforcer Boltguns

12x Autopistols

6x Stub Guns

2x Stub Guns with Flashlights

2x Sniper Rifles

2x Shock Batons

2x Concussion Carbines

2x Magnacles

12x Head in 6 different designs

10x 25mm Necromunda Bases

1x Palanite Enforcer Transfer Sheet


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