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Necromunda: Delaque Gang

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House Delaque are the spymasters of the hive, providing information to the rulers of Necromunda. Delaque spies are said to operate throughout the hive, observing the activities of the other Houses. It is rumoured that some of the ruling family members of the Houses, and even some Noble Houses are in the pay of the Delaque. The other Houses of Necromunda are understandably distrustful of the Delaques. Their look merely upholds the Delaque's long-standing reputation for swindling and espionage. Delaque gang members usually wear elongated jackets with deep interior pouches to conceal weapons and other such items. The bulk are very pale-skinned and bald-headed, with thin, soft, eerie voices. Most wear dark visors or other such devices to shelter their sensitive eyes. An intolerance of bright lights is known to be a common weakness of Delaques. Despite the entire hive being rather dim by usual standards, House Delaques territory is known to be particularly dark and shadowy.


The multi-part plastic Necromunda: Delaque Gang contains;

10 House Delaque Gangers

A variety of different weapon options enabling plenty of customisation


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