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Leagues of Votann: Hekaton Land Fortress

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The Leagues of Votann are short, stocky and physically hardy Abhumans, a subspecies of Humanity who adapted to the heavy gravity of the planets they've settled on. Formerly believed to have been wiped out by an unnamed Tyrannid splinter hive fleet they've returned to the setting ready to defend their kin and strongholds from all dangers.


1x Hekaton Land Fortress
can be built with:
Cyclic Ion Cannon
SP Heavy Conversion Beamer
Heavy Magna-Rail Cannon
Reinforced by two pairs of adjustable ball turret sponson weapons:
Bolt Cannons
Ion Beamers
Pan spectral Scanner which can be replaced with a missle silo:
Kin's Wrath
Mountain Breaker
Ancestor's Vengeance Warhead
3x Choice of different heads
Optional lights for the rollbar
1x Leagues of Votaan Transfer Sheet


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