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Inferno! Volume 6 Paperback

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An inquisitor investigates a xenos taint on an Imperial world, a hero pursues a magical artefact in the Realm of Fire, and a lawman faces off against the Inquisition in the latest all-action anthology from the worlds of Warhammer.



Raised in Darkness by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Red Knight by Miles A Drake

The Exorcism of Karsa V by Matt Smith

Mourning in Rainhollow by Dave Gross

Vova's Climb by Noah Nguyen

Blood Drought by Eric Fromley

The Stuff of Nightmares by Steve Lyons

The Nefarious Antipustulent of Clan Morbidus by David Guymer

The Last Knight: Part 2 by Gavin G Smith

Roadwarden by Liane Merciel


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