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Getting Started with Age of Sigmar - English

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Getting Started with Age of Sigmar is a book from Games Workshop that will give you all the knowledge you need to get started in the Mortal Realms of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

This magazine is the ideal purchase for anyone looking to start out in the world of Age of Sigmar, from playing to building to painting, this book lays out in simple, easy to follow instructions and guides the best way to kickstart yourself into the deadly but magical game that is a staple of the wargaming community. You will also receive not one, but two free miniatures so you can experience what it's like to build these spectacular miniatures.



1x Getting Started with Age of Sigmar - English

1x Stormcast Eternals Vindictor (supplied with a 40mm round base)

1x Orruk Warclans Gutrippa (supplied with a 32mm round base)


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