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Easy To Build: Nighthaunt Chainrasp Hordes

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The Nighthaunt are more than just an army, the Nighthaunt give a terrifying glimpse into the world of the dead and to what lies beyond for any warrior defeated in battle. Although they are a fierce army, what you see before you isn't a heroic group of soldiers, it is a shackled gang of prisoners complete with guards, jailors and wardens. They don't carry weapons like a regular army, they are given torture devices instead so they can not only kill their enemies but make sure they are begging for death before finally granting it. If you don't want to die an agonising death, don't show up to this battle alone...

If your looking miniatures to fill up your Nighthaunt army, look no further, these are the perfect models to increase the size of your hordes. As the Chainrasp Hordes are the most numerous of all the spirits that join Nighthaunt processions you will be able to overwhelm your enemies with pure numbers, and with options for a leader, you won't just be sending them into battle blindly.

This multi-part plastic kit contains;

  • 10x Nighthaunt Chainrasp Hordes


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