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Shred your enemies before they’ve had a chance to react with the Poisonblade Raiding Party – a massive battleforce set of Drukhari models sure to satisfy any Archon. Ideal for expanding or starting off a Drukhari or Ynnari army, it contains a balanced selection of models that are idea for a Patrol Detachment. It’ll also save you money compared to getting the kits inside separately.

  • 1x Archon, cunning overlord of the Drukhari Kabals,
  • 20x Kabalite Warriors, frontline troops of the Kabals equipped with splinter rifles and a choice of heavy and special weapons
  • 3x Reavers, ridiculously fast jetbikers who decapitate foes in high-velocity charges
  • 1x Venom, a light transport that’s ideal for getting your Archon across the battlefield
  • 1x Razorwing Jetfighter, a rapid-strike flyer armed with a variety of guns and missiles
  • 1x Talos, a hulking biomechanical monstrosity than can also be built as a Cronos
  • 1x Drukhari Transfer Sheet, ideal for adding fine detail and markings to your models when painting them


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