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The Vanguard of the Eldar warhosts, Appearing from no where, causing death and destruction in their wake and disappearing as quickly as they appeared. Able to travel great distances on the battlefield in one move, no other race can match the speed of these nimble vehicles and as the Eldar are such ancient and skilled pilots, any other lesser race would crash such a bike if they tried to control one. Swift and agile, these hunters chase down their prey and bring the destructive power from the heavy weapons their jet bikes are able to bring to the battle.

This amazing multi part plastic kit provides all the parts to make three Eldar Windrider Jetbikes. As well as the normal weapon option of a twin linked Shuriken catapult, you also have options for scatter lasers or Shuriken cannons and have the heads up displays raised or lowered. This models are great and highly detailed and really show off the prowess of this powerful race.

Please Note: Models supplied unpainted and some assembly may be required.


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