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Combat Patrol: Deathwatch

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The Deathwatch, a unique and highly trained Space Marine Chapter, dedicates every hour to xenos hunting. They are the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Xenos, charged with protecting it in its search of information, containment, and ultimate destruction of all xeno species. The deathwatch can call upon warriors of any Adeptus Astartes chapter to fill their ranks of the finest warriors the Imperium has to offer. To be summoned into the ranks of the Deathwatch is one of the highest honours any Space Marine can receive, but it is also one of the most deadly, for in their service as a member of the Deathwatch each Marine will face horrors to terrifying to imagine.

Space Marines are genetically modified superhuman soldiers, the elite warriors of the Imperium of Man. Angels of death, capable of ridding the galaxy of all forces that do not conform to their own rule through brutal, ruthless warfare. Waging war through a variety of forms, from the full weight of a chapter of 1,000 marines that can destroy an entire species to a small battle force of a few squads that can topple planetary governments and crush chaotic insurrections, either are lethal formations to any foe.

The Combat Patrol: Deathwatch is the perfect way to start collecting a Deathwatch army.

This highly detailed, multi-part plastic box set contains;

1x Primaris Lieutenant

1x Primaris Apothecary

10x Primaris Intercessors

3x Primaris Aggressors

2x Deathwatch Upgrade Frames


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