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Codex Supplement: Salamanders

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The Salamanders, the 18th Legion of the 20 Legions, created by the Emperor of Mankind and originally known as the Dragon Warriors are a fiery Legion and are perfect to bring to a BBQ due to their deadly Flamer and Melta weapons. Although the Salamanders were a loyal Chapter during the Horus Heresy they took serious damage during the opening battle, this limited the role they were able to take on during the remainder of the war. Taking such a hefty hit during the Horus Heresy had left there Primarch declared missing and finding him has become an obsession of the Dragon Warriors, they will stop at nothing to recover the great war hero, Vulkan.

This highly detailed book contains;

  • The history of the Salamanders, and how they unleash the molten fury of their volcanic world upon their foes with their devastating artisan wargear
  • A detailed description of Chapter organisation and iconography
  • A Salamanders bestiary with a detailed background for Forgefather Vulkan He'stan and Captain Adrax Agatone of the 3rd Company
  • Rules for Vulkan He'stan and Captain Agatone
  • A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel miniatures
  • Stratagems, Warlord Traits, Tactical Objectives, Relics of Nocturne, the Promethean discipline, defining the ways that the Salamanders wage war
  • And more!


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