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Codex: Drukhari Hardback - English

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The Dark Eldar are a cunning and ruthless race. Their home planet Commorragh is a dangerous world, a world in perpetual darkness that is plagued by street gangs, where only the strong survive. Many young Dark Eldar join these gangs for the protection they offer, however, infighting makes being in a gang almost as dangerous as not being in one. The bulk of the gangs of Commorragh are divided into either Reavers or Helions, but both have an affinity for speed and are usually found riding either Reaver Jetbikes or Hellion Skyboards.

Hellions often maintain close ties to the Wych Cults, who provide them with various Combat Drugs and protection against other gangs and threats in exchange for performance in the bloody fights of the Cult's arena, as well as any realspace raids they may be hired out on. Reavers perform in death-races of a Wych Cult's arena. Some of them receive their bike as a trophy on the arena floor, while others may have simply murdered or stolen their way to it. No questions would ever be asked even if a new contestant would appear on the tracks with a recognisable jetbike of another racer.

Codex: Drukhari contains

The history and dark origins of the Drukhari, their hideous obsessions and the competing factions that vie for power

A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel Miniatures that displays the martial liveries, hedonistic colours and gruesome appearances seen among the varied power blocs of Commorragh

A vast range of datasheets providing tabletop rules for units from the Drukhari army

Army-wide rules and an evocative Crusade section that allow you to transform your collection of Drukhari miniatures into a terrifying force, poised to strike at the galaxy's vulnerable underbelly and reap the spoils


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