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Codex: Black Templars Hardback - English

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The Black Templars are a Loyalist Space Marine division. Being direct descendants of the Imperial Fists and their primarch, Rogal Dorn. They can be traced back to the Imperial Fists' defence of Terra during the Horus Heresy.

The Black Templars have since been on the longest crusade the Imperium of Man has ever known to prove their loyalty to the Emperor. They do not comply with the Codex Astartes Chapter and maintain a very different Chapter structure and culture than most Adeptus Astartes members do.

This definitive Codex for all Black Templar collectors.

Inside this codex supplement, you'll find 80-pages covering everything you need to continue your eternal quest, plus a hefty selection of lore and art to inspire your own collection. The book includes:


The history of the Black Templars, exploring their countless crusades in the Emperor's name

A detailed description of non-Codex-compliant Chapter organisation, including how they operate in aspects of recruitment, organisation, and military doctrine

A rundown of the background details for every zealous unit and pious Character

A showcase of stunningly painted Citadel miniatures

Rules for units that are only available to the Black Templars – including six datasheets

Bespoke Stratagems, four unique Templars Vows – each including a Vow and a Passion – and rules for Relics and Relic Bearers, representing the esoteric ways in which the Black Templars wage war

Characterful Crusade rules providing new Agendas, Requisitions, and Battle Traits for the Black Templars, plus rules for Oaths of Crusade and Reclaimed Relics


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