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Cerastus Knight Lancer

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Imperial Knights are some of the oldest working technology currently in use by the Imperium of man. They started life as construction vehicles taken by early colonists during the first stages of space exploration. The first colonies settled, and slowly over time, they devolved into feudal states ruled by aristocratic nobles. Their knights evolved into walking suits of armour showing off house colours. Equipped with powerful weapons, the Knights were used to defend their lands and provided security against enemies such as marauding Orks and land-hungry Eldar Exodites.

Knights are the epitome of a houses honour, power and wealth. Being chosen to pilot such creations is a great privilege, even if the pilot is typically the master of the house of their heir. Although Imperial Knights are much smaller and less powerful than a full sized Titan, their size makes them far better suited to the mobile style of warfare prevalent amongst the nobility of their native Knight Worlds. These colossal mechanoid war machines can turn the tide of a battle.

Over the years multiple variants of Imperial Knights have emerged, each designed to perfectly suit and fulfil its purpose. Some of the newest Imperial Knights to appear are the Dominus-class Knights, these walking fortresses are bristling with all manner of deadly ordinance. The Knight Castellan Specialises in long-range artillery fire, no matter how far away they are deployed no enemy unit is safe. This kit is amongst the biggest plastic kits created by Games Workshop and is bristling with powerful long-range weaponry giving you multiple loadout options.

Fielded during the Horus Heresy and the current setting of Warhammer 40k, this mighty warmachine was a sight to behold. Deployed not only for its ability in single combat, it was also well known for its speed and power. Wielding the deadly combo of the Cerastus Shock Lance and the Ion Gauntlet Shield, they swiftly take out the heaviest of targets in close-quarters combat (CQC).


1x Cerastus Knight Lancer Miniature
1x Knight Household Emblem Transfer Sheet
1x Oval Base (170 x 109mm)


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