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Battletome: Maggotkin Of Nurgle Hardback - English

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In the Mortal Realms, the followers of the Chaos God Nurgle are a fearsome sight. Rewarded for their loyal service with gifts from their demonic patron, their bodies are bloated and plague-ridden. Often suffering disfigured by disease and mutation, sprouting extra mouths, eyes and limbs. Harbouring a multitude of diseases and plagues, their deformed bodies fuse with armour and nerve endings rot-away. Of all the forces of Chaos, the Maggotkin of Nurgle are some of the hardest to destroy.

Each year, decay advances inexorably, and this year a new battletome covers the festering legions of Grandfather Nurgle.

Including battle traits, command traits, artefacts of power, spell lore, and Path to Glory rules, this pustulent book has everything you need to play the harbingers of rot. The book also includes grand strategies, battle tactics, and 27 warscrolls covering both daemon and mortal revolts in Nurgle's Garden.


This 104-page hardback book contains:

A pestilent bounty of lore and background information all focussed on Grandfather Nurgle and the daemons and mortals that live only to spread his poxes

Stunning art that covers the repulsive Maggotkin hordes in all their bubonic beauty

27 Warscrolls and pitched battle profiles that cover everything from the mighty Glottkin brothers to the rotting Putrid Blightkings and the lowliest Nurglings

Allegiance abilities for your Maggotkin armies that cover how your forces infect their enemies with diseases, how to manage Cycle of Decay, as well as command traits, artefacts of power, and the 6 legions and contagiums of Nurgle

7 Warscroll battalions for Path to Glory narrative campaigns

Path to Glory campaign rules allowing you to undertake quests to seed the garden of Nurgle and fight across blighted battlegrounds

Content for matched play, including 4 grand strategies, 6 battle tactics, and 2 core battalions

A wonderful photo showcase covering the menagerie of morbid miniatures which make up Maggotkin armies, and guides for how to paint your own army

Background information on every Maggotkin of Nurgle unit, including characters like Rotigus, and Horticulus Slimux


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