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Aestred Thurga, Relinquant at Arms

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The Adepta Sororitas are more commonly known as the Sisters of Battle, an all-female subdivision of the religious organisation known as the Ecclesiarchy or Ministorum. They are righteous warriors dedicated to mercilessly rooting out corruption and heresy within humanity and every organisation of the Adeptus Terra.

If you are searching for a way to uplift your Adepta Sororitas on the battlefield then Aestred Thurga and Agathae Dolan are the two best models for the job, Aestred has been granted the honour of lifting the Auto-tapestry of the Emperor's Judgement and carrying it through alongside the Adepta Sororitas troops to inspire them. The tapestry is a sacred, holy banner of great importance among the Orders Militant.



1x Aestred Thurga

1x Agathae Dolan

1x 32mm Citadel Round Base

1x 25mm Citadel Round Base


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