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Aeldari: Guardians

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The Eldar are a technologically advanced humanoid race who once dominated the Galaxy. At the height of their power, their empire spanned and dominated a significant portion of the galaxy and they were secure in their prosperity.

Freed from the need for manual labour the Eldar grew decadent. They began to explore all the sensations their heightened senses and psychic mastery could offer, over time becoming more and more debased in their tastes, exploring and satiating any and all desires they could conceive. It was this that would lead to their fall. The psychic echo of their vices coalesced in the warp and in a single night obliterated their entire empire as the chaos god Slaanesh was born, absorbing all Eldar souls situated on their homeworlds and inner colonies, tearing a gouge in the fabric of real space that is today known as the Eye of Terror.

Prior to the Fall a number of Eldar, recognising the degradation of their people, fled. The earliest to leave were the Exodites, those Eldar who shunned all the decedent trappings of Eldar society to live a simpler life. As the decadence of Eldar society continued more Eldar left, taking to space in vast ships that would amalgamate and become cities in the void known as Craftworlds, these are the Craftworld Eldar.

The Craftworld Eldar are the last vestiges of the Eldar at the height of their power before the cults of excess rose to prominence. To protect themselves from the lure of Slaanesh the Craftworld Eldar's life follows a set of rigid Paths, with the Path of the warrior or the seer being the path most commonly encountered by alien races. Upon their breast, each Craftworld Eldar wears a spirit stone that will trap their soul upon death so that it may be protected from Slaanesh's ravenous hunger.

Although the Eldar are a dying race they are still a formidable foe, their superior technology, training and tactics make them a match for any enemy force, no matter their numbers.



10x Aeldari: Guardians

1x Serpent Shield

10x Citadel Round Bases

1x Citadel 40mmm Round Base

1x Aeldari Transfer Sheet.


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