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Beasts of Chaos: Beastlord

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Beasts of Chaos are deformed, mutated, amalgamations of man and beast. Their origins are unknown and wildly exaggerated, but it is well known that they are creatures of Chaos who are plotting and planning to despoil reality and return to the Age of Chaos. Coming in many shapes and sizes from lowliest Ungors to the hulking Bullgors and even the colossal Cygors. No Matter their size each Beast of Chaos, or "Beastmen", is a deadly foe. Sporting hooved goat-like legs, protruding pointed teeth and a set of horns, each Beastmen is a truly terrifying sight.

Not much is known about the society and beliefs of the Beasts of Chaos, they are often believed to be savage and uncivilised creatures constantly brawling for dominance. When on the hunt they show surprising levels of cooperation and coordination as they hunt in packs to ambush their prey. When observed in their makeshift camps they can be seen praying and flailing around a central idol. This Idol is often engraved with chaotic runes, with makeshift horns mounted on top. Referred to as Herdstones, they are assumed to resemble whichever demoniac Chaos God the herd pledge fealty to.


1x Beastlord
1x Citadel 40mm Round Base


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